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Community Matters

Reaching Those Around Us  Other than pastors and church staff, the average person spends roughly four hours at church during the week. Therefore, the majority of life is experienced in corporate offices, medical districts, and educational settings. Prayerfully, our time spent worshiping with the body of Christ propels us with joy and confidence into our […]

Church Matters

May God Increase Our Numbers The world buys our attention and convinces us that purpose exists in tangibles, accolades, relationships, drugs, fame, and money. In the Bible, the book of Romans tells us that all of mankind has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. There is no one exempt from this reality.  […]

Christians Will Not Go Quietly Into Their Night Of Despair

If you ever have any doubts, let me make something crystal clear: Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College believes in religious freedom. We also believe that our government owes to its citizens the security and protection necessary to fully practice our faith not only inside our places of worship but in the public square as […]

Family Matters

Cultivating a Meaningful Marriage  God’s original design for marriage is becoming less embraced or celebrated by the world. With divorce rates over fifty percent, it is more common to come from a broken home than not. Though significant issues such as infidelity and abuse continue to be the primary contributors of legal separation, marriage is […]

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