An Example of How to Use Apologetics in Your Sermon

When a pastor attempts to integrate apologetics into his sermons, many times  he is accused of being “too academic.” If he attempts to water down his apologetic, then he is accused of misrepresenting arguments and promoting intellectual laziness. Establishing a balanced integration of apologetics and exegesis is no easy task, but it is something that many pastors need to learn in order to prepare their congregants to be winsome and evangelistic in their communities.

Recently Southern Evangelical Seminary alumni, Dr. Rodney Cripps, preached a sermon out of 2 Peter 1:16-18. In this sermon, Dr. Cripps presents the “minimal facts of the resurrection” and then seamlessly merges his apologetic with his sermon. After the sermon, the congregation was equipped with knowledge of the faith and a confidence to share their faith with others. We hope that those who listen to this sermon will be encouraged by the way apologetics can serve the flock and equip them to set Christ as Lord in their lives and make the most of every evangelistic opportunity.


Rodney Cripps, May 2015 Doctor of Ministry graduate of Southern Evangelical Seminary, serves as the Lead Pastor of GraceLife Church of Pineville in Pineville, NC.  His passion is to make disciples who make disciples combined with his personal values of sharing a clear gospel message through expository teaching.  Pastor Rodney has put his passion of making disciples into action creating four-year training institutes and multiple mission trips to Mexico, Haiti, India, Europe, and throughout the United States.  GraceLife Church of Pineville has encouraged their members to attend SES and to date has six graduates and seven additional students having attended or attending SES.







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