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“I can’t recommend SES any more highly. … There’s no better place to come to get to know God and make Him known.”

Frank Turek
SES Alum/Adjunct Professor, President of

“SES is focused on equipping modern believers with classical Christian thinking to more effectively proclaim and defend the Gospel.”

The Late Norman Geisler
SES Co-founder

“SES provides a truly unique opportunity to examine the evidence for Christianity. It’s accessible, engaging, and relevant. If you want to become a good Christian Case Maker, SES was designed for you!”

J. Warner Wallace
SES Adjunct Faculty, Cold-Case Detective, Sr. Fellow at the Colson Center

“Thank you so much for putting together a program that is both intellectually challenging and applicable in the contemporary landscape. Joining SES has been the highlight of my academic career!”

Kristen Davis
SES Ph.D. Candidate, Founder of

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Our culture is more hostile to Christianity, even though it understands Christianity less than ever before. To effectively engage with the culture, you will need a deeply integrated understanding of theology, philosophy, and apologetics — the bedrock of a degree from Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College. SES provides a fully immersive digital campus experience to meet even the most demanding schedules.

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Our effective and integrated training in theology, philosophy, and apologetics will equip you to address the real cultural issues we face today.

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From weekly Bible studies to podcasts to event videos, we have plenty of content to help you practically integrate theology, philosophy, and apologetics in your daily walk.

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Why is an apologetics and theological education at SES so important? Hear it straight from our own students, alumni, faculty, and friends.

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Beyond Online Education Learn about the digital-first approach than informs our fully immersive digital campus experience which enables us to provide flexible seminary options for busy schedules.

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How is SES Unique? The integrated training in theology, philosophy, and apologetics offered by SES is very unique in the evangelical world and very needed to effectively engage a post-Christian culture.

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What is Apologetics? In this resource, we have distilled 9 things you should know in order to engage our post-Christian culture, whether that be neighbors, family, friends, or co-workers, with God’s truth.

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