The Soccer Field Is Her Mission Field

“It’s almost impossible in our day and age to evangelize without apologetics. You have to give people reasons to consider the message of the Bible.” Like many who share their faith, Ester doesn’t feel like some great apologist. But it’s in her conversations with people on the soccer field, in a coffee shop or even […]

Kenyan Alumna Sees Ripple Effect of Defending Faith

Growing up in Kenya, Cathy was surrounded by Muslim neighbors. As a child, she and a friend went in circles one day about who Jesus is—Cathy said Jesus is God; her friend said He is not. Cathy approached her mom. How could she explain to her friend that Jesus is Lord? “My mom said, ‘Well, […]

The Importance of Theism vs. Atheism Debates.

This year’s SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics will feature a live debate between SES Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics, Dr. Richard Howe, and former professing Christian, pastor, and worship leader, Dan Barker. Mr. Barker is the current co-president of the Freedom from Religion Foundation. Dr. Howe and Mr. Barker will be debating the question, […]

Logical Fallacies 101: Fallacy of Composition

By Dr. Doug Potter,  I have been a football fan since I was five years old. Way before fantasy football, I can remember thinking that if I had my own football team, I would just pick the best players in the league in each position to have on my team. “How could my team ever […]

Questions About Inerrancy: A Review of the Andy Stanley Controversy

By Jeff Lenhart, By now it’s no secret that Andy Stanley has preached some controversial sermons regarding the doctrine of inerrancy. In particular, his message titled The Bible Told Me So has raised the ire of a broad cross-section of Evangelicals. On the other hand, noted apologists Dr. Frank Turek and Dr. Richard Howe came […]

Reasoning, Data Interpretation, and Storytelling

My name is Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts, and I am a research scholar at Reasons to Believe in Covina, California. As a PhD molecular biologist and Christian apologist, I often contemplate the integration of science and Christian theology. I have found that many of the stories we tell as we interpret scientific data are driven not […]