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Mass Shootings & Pro-Choice Hysteria: Three Questions that Show the Insanity of Modern Moral Outrage
May 26, 2022 Alumni Series
As I sit at my computer thinking about the incomprehensible evil of yet another mass shooting, this time in Uvalde, Texas, the...
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Four Pastoral Applications of Thomistic Divine Simplicity
March 7, 2022 Alumni Series
Although our knowledge of God is incomplete on this side of glory, we must seek not to be dismissive of any demonstrably...
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Thomas Aquinas: Christian History Interview with Dr. Norman Geisler
March 3, 2022 General
Originally published here at Christianity Today. In a 1974 Christianity Today article marking the 700th anniversary of Aquinas's death, author Ronald Nash...
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No, Martin Luther Was Not a Deconstructionist
March 2, 2022 Alumni Series
This article is in response to this piece from The Gospel Coalition. As a past TGC contributor, as an act of good...
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Southern Evangelical Seminary Responds to Revealing Statistics on Well-being of Church Attendees
February 23, 2022 From the President's Desk
‘The old adage that there is a hole in the human heart that only God can fill certainly takes on new meaning...
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