Are There Modern Forms of “Eugenics”?

Question: Are there modern forms of “eugenics” about which we should be concerned? Yes, there are modern, cutting-edge technologies concerning human reproduction that taken together, constitute a high-tech almost surreal eugenics that like the old eugenics, seeks to create “bigger and better” human offspring. In a previous column I introduced the subject of eugenics and […]

Love Is Love, or Is It?

According to the National Retail Federation, we are expected to spend $27 billion dollars celebrating our “love” for others this Valentine’s Day. But what exactly is “love”? In our culture, it is common to hear the mantra that love is love. Today, many think “love” means to affirm the beliefs, desires, and even behaviors of […]

The Moral Argument for God’s Existence: Some Thomistic Natural Law Musings

In continuing my discussion on theistic arguments, I would be remiss if I said nothing about the moral argument—surely the most popular argument for God’s existence currently making the rounds. Perhaps the most familiar, cogently set forth, and adroitly defended version of the moral argument is by the eminent contemporary Christian philosopher, apologist, and scholar […]

The Goodness of God

My last post on God and morality brought up the issue of if and how God is moral. My main point was to reject the notion that God is moral in the sense that humans are moral. But I did mention that God is good, just not morally good. That is, he isn’t good because he lives […]

2016 Fall Courses

Welcome to the 2016 Southern Evangelical Fall Semester course listing. On this page you will find a listing of all the courses listed with deadlines, dates, and times for each course. In addition, you will find an FAQ section below the listing of courses. Thank you for visiting, and we hope to see you on-campus, online, […]

Batman V. Superman: A Sign of the Culture’s Theological Condition

By Dr. Brian Huffling, Not even on the most distorted and contracted theory of good which ever was framed by religious or philosophical fanaticism, can the government of Nature be made to resemble the work of a being at once good and omnipotent [1]. Is this the worldview of a philosopher or a modern-day comic […]