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Reasoning Rightly About Biblical Inerrancy: Five Questions You Need to Know

Many students I teach in Bibliology come from Christian schools, homes, or have been in the Church a while. Yet, I quickly discover they have major misconceptions about the doctrine of biblical inerrancy. One popular misconception is they think biblical inerrancy is based on an ancient reading of the Bible. That is, they think some […]

A Response to Ken Ham

Throughout the history of Christianity there have been devout and pious persons who presented their interpretations as if they were equivalent to the Word of God: “If you don’t believe what I believe, then you are going against God!” “If you don’t interpret the Bible the way I do, then you have rejected the authority […]

Does Ken Ham’s Defense of Biblical Authority Lead to Biblical Skepticism?

At a time when the Bible is being ridiculed on multiple fronts both inside and outside the church, I appreciate Ken Ham, president and founder of Answers in Genesis (AIG), taking biblical authority seriously and understanding its vital importance in Christian faith and practice. I also admire the passion with which Mr. Ham defends biblical […]

Why Belief In The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus Is Necessary but not Sufficient for Christian Salvation

A theological-doctrinal controversy has erupted among prominent evangelical leaders concerning whether Christians, in seeking to reach millennials in a post-Christian world, should focus paramount attention on the bodily resurrection of Jesus on the first Easter Sunday, or alternatively, should emphasize the complete accuracy and veracity of Holy Scripture. It is certainly true that an authoritative […]