Gorsuch Filibuster: Symptom or Cause of Our Divided Nation?

By Dr. Richard Land, Judge Neil Gorsuch has now been confirmed by the Senate and sworn in as an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. At age 49, he is one of the youngest judges to be confirmed to the Supreme Court in the modern era. He may very well be sitting as a […]

Evangelical Leader Dr. Richard Land: Why Neil Gorsuch Should Be Confirmed

Gorsuch is an Accomplished Legal Jurist, Traditionalist and Devotee to Natural Law, SaysSouthern Evangelical Seminary President on His Nationwide Radio Program; Also Comments on CNN CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Last week, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch endured 20 hours of grueling questions and answers, but the longtime judge took it all in stride. Now, reports The New York […]