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Two Reasons Christians Should Be Passionate About Politics

I confess, I have never been interested in political life. All of that changed for me this year. I will be the first to admit that I still have so much to learn about politics in general (and I still do not care for it), but 2020 has been the perfect storm of insane political […]

Kenyan Alumna Sees Ripple Effect of Defending Faith

Growing up in Kenya, Cathy was surrounded by Muslim neighbors. As a child, she and a friend went in circles one day about who Jesus is—Cathy said Jesus is God; her friend said He is not. Cathy approached her mom. How could she explain to her friend that Jesus is Lord? “My mom said, ‘Well, […]

Divine Impassibility: God As Our Unaffected Fortress

Several of my previous blogs have dealt with divine simplicity and some objections to the doctrine. As I have written, it is the most important divine attribute, even if it is hotly debated. Those who accept simplicity are on a completely different theological trajectory from those who reject it. I would argue that its acceptance […]

Missionary Examines the Why Behind His Beliefs

Jonathan and his wife spent nearly three years as missionaries in China. While there, they met once a week at a coffee shop to have conversations with locals who wanted to learn English. “They were very interested in Christianity. They had lots of questions about God.” Looking back, Jonathan sees how helpful apologetics would have […]

Is it Unbiblical to Argue for God?

In my earliest days of attempting to do apologetics, I was confronted in the church with the objection that relying on philosophy, particularly arguments for the existence of God, was not only unwise, it was unbiblical. Upon inquiring why, they attempted to persuade by pointing me to the Apostle Paul, who seems to discourage the […]

Questions About Inerrancy: A Review of the Andy Stanley Controversy

By Jeff Lenhart, By now it’s no secret that Andy Stanley has preached some controversial sermons regarding the doctrine of inerrancy. In particular, his message titled The Bible Told Me So has raised the ire of a broad cross-section of Evangelicals. On the other hand, noted apologists Dr. Frank Turek and Dr. Richard Howe came […]

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