Structure of Dinosaur Collagen and the Age of the Earth.

This fall I will be presenting at the 2016 National Conference on Christian Apologetics. My two topics are “The Cell’s Design” and “Dinosaur Blood and the Age of the Earth.” One of the most provocative pieces of evidence young-earth creationists cite for a 6,000- to 10,000-year-old Earth is the discovery of soft-tissue remains in a […]

Contested Bones: Is There Any Solid Fossil Evidence for Ape-to-Man Evolution?

By Dr. John Sanford (Cornell University), and Chris Rupe (Feed My Sheep Foundation), At the 2016 National Conference on Christian Apologetics, Dr. John Sanford will be discussing the claims of ape-to-man evolution. Join Dr. Sanford, and 60+ speakers, as we discuss many other topics relevant to the Christian faith and its truthfulness, October 13-15. Since […]