Evangelicals and Israel’s Birthday

As we prepare to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Israel’s independence (May 14, 2018) we need to explain to others, and to remind ourselves, why many evangelicals fervently support Israel and the Jewish people. According to Lifeway Research in Nashville, at least half of self-identified evangelicals believe that at some point in the future most […]

Drowning in the Tiber: A Response to Evangelical Exodus

Introduction Douglas Beaumont has edited a book that seeks to chronicle the experiences of many Evangelicals who have left Evangelicalism and joined the Catholic Church. The book is principally the personal testimony of an individual’s move from one to the other. Since Beaumont is the editor and first contributor to the book, this essay will […]

Five Errors When Arguing for the Existence of God

By Dr. Douglas E. Potter,  Over the years that I have been teaching Christian apologetics and theology to seventh graders through doctoral students, five (5) misconceptions regarding arguments for the existence of God consistently show themselves. My students come from both secular and Christian educational backgrounds. I would often excuse those with the misconceptions as […]