Five New Year’s Resolutions to Help Reverse Error in the Church

Every two years Ligonier Ministries and LifeWay Research partner to survey the state of theology among church-going American adults. These are not your unsaved neighbors and co-workers. They are the people that sit next to you and me most Sundays (at least in pre-COVID days!). Sadly, the troubling study shows significant error and heresy in […]

Five Reasons Abortion is Murder: The Killing of an Innocent Human Being

For whatever reason, I missed taking an ethics class in college. My speech class came with a list of topics we could not give a speech on. Abortion was at the top of the list which was not alphabetical. Every other class that might have touched on the topic, avoided the issue as well. Regardless […]

Thomism and the Problem of Animal Suffering

The problem of animal suffering has been championed by atheists at least as far back as the time of Charles Darwin, and it is increasingly touted today. For example, Richard Dawkins claims, The total amount of suffering per year in the natural world is beyond all decent contemplation. During the minute it takes me to […]

Did Jesus Even Claim to Be God?

Isat down with some Jehovah’s Witnesses who were visiting with me. The elder who was leading our study stated that Jesus never claimed to be God. Jehovah’s Witnesses argue that Jesus is a created being. Liberal “Christians” argue that Jesus never claimed to be God. Many other groups say the same. If such is the […]

Five Truths the Church Needs Today to Engage People’s Questions

An alarming study shows that “Nearly half of young adults with ties to Christianity say church can’t answer their questions” The study surveyed over 15,000 young adults in different countries, ages 18-35 who had ties to Christianity. Consider the results, of those surveyed: 47 percent of respondents with some connection to Christianity say they feel […]

Did Christ Die For Everyone?

I debated the topic “Did Jesus Die For All Men Without Exception?” with my friend Sonny Hernandez of Reforming America Ministries. This article is an adaptation of my opening statement in that debate. I have held to limited atonement and unlimited atonement. The transition was long and thoughtful. The reason I currently hold to unlimited […]