Evangelical Leader Dr. Richard Land: Why Neil Gorsuch Should Be Confirmed

Gorsuch is an Accomplished Legal Jurist, Traditionalist and Devotee to Natural Law, SaysSouthern Evangelical Seminary President on His Nationwide Radio Program; Also Comments on CNN CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Last week, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch endured 20 hours of grueling questions and answers, but the longtime judge took it all in stride. Now, reports The New York […]

‘God’s Truth in an Age of Relativism’

As the World Assigns Its Own ‘Truth’ to Cultural Trends, Southern Evangelical Seminary Has Been Teaching Christians to Defend God’s Revealed Truth for a Quarter Century CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Every day, Americans are confronted with an avalanche of evidence of just how completely our society has been engulfed by moral relativism. Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES,www.ses.edu) is deeply […]

Coercive Censorship at Middlebury College: Part 1

In Vermont last week approximately 100 of Middlebury College’s 2,500 students shouted down a visiting speaker on their campus. The speaker was the well-known, highly credentialed, and controversial sociologist Charles Murray, the author of several books, perhaps the most notable of which Coming Apart, speaks of the growing class division in the United States. Read […]