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God, Evil, and Science: My Response to Richard Carrier

Dr. Brian Huffling Dr. Brian Huffling’s research interests include: Philosophy of Religion, Philosophical Theology, Philosophical Hermeneutics, and general issues in Apologetics and Biblical studies. See his personal blog here. Twitter Wordpress Linkedin When I read Richard Carrier’s response to my interactions with Michael Shermer in Skeptic magazine, I could not believe how badly he misunderstood me and misrepresented me […]

The Nature of Apologetics

By Dr. Richard Land,  Recently I read an article titled “Apologetics: Preaching to the Choir” by a former evangelical, Neil Carter. Neil begins his article with the claim that “Apologetics isn’t for the lost; it’s for the already saved.” He goes on to state, “The only people who are ever impressed with the arguments therein […]

The Importance of Theism vs. Atheism Debates.

This year’s SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics will feature a live debate between SES Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics, Dr. Richard Howe, and former professing Christian, pastor, and worship leader, Dan Barker. Mr. Barker is the current co-president of the Freedom from Religion Foundation. Dr. Howe and Mr. Barker will be debating the question, […]

Logical Fallacies 101: Fallacy of Composition

By Dr. Doug Potter,  I have been a football fan since I was five years old. Way before fantasy football, I can remember thinking that if I had my own football team, I would just pick the best players in the league in each position to have on my team. “How could my team ever […]

Why the Appearance of Design in Biology Is a Problem for Atheistic Naturalism

By J. Warner Wallace, As unlikely and unexpected as it may be, life exists in our universe, and just as researchers stipulate to the appearance of fine-tuning in the cosmos, scientists also stipulate to the appearance of design in biological organisms. Richard Dawkins would be the first to agree: “Biology is the study of complicated […]

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