Apologetics in the Heavy Truck Business

When you think of someone earning a doctorate at a seminary, what comes to mind? A pastor maybe? Or a missionary? Tom does have experience in the mission field, but largely uses his SES degree at work—as a business development manager in the heavy truck industry. His role covers two-thirds of the U.S. “It’s yielded […]

This Isn’t Your Typical Sunday School Lesson

At 48 years old, Nora went to seminary. Her kids were grown, and she and her husband Duke had been teaching Sunday school for nearly 20 years. But a lot of the high schoolers they taught went off to college and stopped going to church. Nora taught drawing and painting and worked with English as […]

Former New Age Astrologer Finds New Purpose, Warns Against the Occult (Part 1)

As the public’s attention turns increasingly toward the world of the paranormal and “spirits,” one SES graduate (class of 2011), a former astrologer, uses what she learned at SES to help Christians defend against New Age beliefs and to educate those flirting with the paranormal. “I had no interest in being a Christian at all, […]

SES Alums and the Canadian Mission Field

Southern Evangelical Seminary is unlike any other seminary, at least of those I know: it is an evangelical, non-denominational seminary whose primary goal is to train Christian apologists and whose primary philosophical influence is Thomas Aquinas. When I first heard about SES, I was a youth pastor in Québec who was very involved in reaching […]

A Guide to Biblical Studies Programs

Are you interested in becoming a biblical scholar, a pastor, an evangelist, or do you desire a deeper and better understanding of God and His word? It is most likely that you have been overwhelmed by the many seminaries in the country offering degrees that are variations on the term “Biblical Studies.” These programs come […]

Logical Fallacies 101: Genetic Fallacy and Tu Quoque

By Thomas McCuddy,  “The church is full of hypocrites!”  “The only reason you are a Christian is because you were raised as one!” Sound familiar?  These are two prominent accusations against Christianity and Christians.  I’ve heard them many times, read them many places, and have even received them personally.  Both are similar in nature, and […]