What Does President Biden’s Pro-abortion Blitz Say About America?

What an extraordinary fortnight the first two weeks of the Biden administration has been.  “Sleepy Joe,” the invisible, “stealth” candidate, the moderate, sober antidote to the phalanx of progressively more progressive leftist democratic presidential candidates, has morphed into “whirlwind Joe,” firing off Executive Orders at a record-breaking pace including greatly expanding the U.S. taxpayers funding […]

Five Reasons Abortion is Murder: The Killing of an Innocent Human Being

For whatever reason, I missed taking an ethics class in college. My speech class came with a list of topics we could not give a speech on. Abortion was at the top of the list which was not alphabetical. Every other class that might have touched on the topic, avoided the issue as well. Regardless […]

How should pro-life Christians answer objections to Amy Coney Barrett?

The remainder of the month of October’s frequent and often heated debates about Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s proposed elevation to the highest court in the land will compete with the looming presidential election race for airtime on the nation’s myriad broadcast and internet news outlets. The American public will be subjected to a barrage of […]

Why the Right to Privacy Argument for Abortion Fails

A common argument used by abortion advocates is: “A woman can do what she wants with her body! Since it is her body that is going through the pregnancy, then she should have the right to terminate the pregnancy.” However, this “argument” fails for a number of reasons. First, it is not an argument. It […]

Does Rape Justify Abortion?

Forty-four years ago, the Supreme Court of the United States legalized abortion in America. In parallels reminiscent of the Dred Scott decision, the Supreme Court’s position was that the unborn human’s right to life was of less value than a woman’s freedom to choose whether to kill her unborn child. Some may protest the way […]

Crucial Election Issues Intersect, from Abortion to Freedom of Speech, Says Dr. Richard Land

California Court Squashes Freedom of Religion Yet Again, Forcing Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers to Inform Women of Abortion Options  CHARLOTTE, N.C.—A liberal court in California recently ruled that pro-life pregnancy centers must now inform pregnant mothers of their local abortion options. But the ruling isn’t a two-way street. Abortion clinics don’t have to inform women about […]