In a World of Confusion, Know Why You Believe


10-Week Small Group Apologetics Study

A Video-Based Seminary Primer Course for Your Church

Featuring Lectures by Frank Turek and SES Professors

The tomb was empty. Your mind shouldn’t be! Imagine if churches were full of Sunday School teachers, deacons, elders, youth leaders, and even pastors who are equipped to face the challenges presented in our post-Christian culture. To that end, Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College is excited to present this FREE stand-alone video-based study for church small groups that provides a basic, yet complete, defense of the truthfulness of Christianity. While still in the early stages of development, this 10-week study will be a great first step for those interested in going deeper in the areas of apologetics and worldview. In fact, participants will have the opportunity to earn three hours of course credit to apply towards a degree or certificate program at SES!

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Imagine churches full of believers who not only know that Christianity is true, but are able to graciously explain why its true and answer objections against itInstead of believers be equipped to think well and think deeply about God, we too often find the following disturbing statistics. Of American churchgoers, recent studies found:

63% agree that God accepts the worship of all religions

48% agree the Bible contains helpful accounts of ancient myths but is not literally true

54% agree that religious belief is a matter of personal opinion rather than objective truth

Only 12% of Children’s & Youth Pastors have a biblical worldview*

Around 2 in 5 American churchgoers agree that gender identity is a matter of choice

Nearly half of American churchgoers disagree or are unsure that abortion is a sin

Only 2 in 5 Senior Pastors have a biblical worldview*

*”Biblical Worldview” is defined here as making sure our understanding/choices are consistent with God’s principles and commands

Are your church members and leadership prepared to remain steadfast amidst the confusion?

"As a pastor, I’m entrusted with equipping the saints for ministry. In this age of utter confusion, it is imperative that churches equip believers to know why Christianity is actually true. This is not an optional focus. I’m excited to partner with SES on this critical endeavor and look forward to seeing many in our church complete this vital training."

Pastor Brandon Ware


In this 10-Week Study, Participants Will …

Partner & Participate

Our vision is to see hundreds of churches offering this study to their teachers and leadership, and perhaps even offering it church-wide. Believers must be equipped to remain steadfast in the truth, and we hope this study will encourage many church leaders to go deeper in their study and understanding of the truthfulness of Christianity. While this curriculum is in the early stages of development, with your help we expect to offer the following in the fall of 2023:

  • FREE access to 10 high quality 40-45 minute video lectures
  • FREE digital downloads of leader and student workbooks in PDF format
  • AFFORDABLE printed leader and student workbooks via Amazon (if needed/desired)
  • THE POSSIBILITY to live-stream with an SES professor during an optional extra class session
  • SES COURSE CREDIT available for those who complete the Steadfast study and submit additional assignments outlined in the study workbook*

*Potential SES students must apply and be accepted to an SES degree or certificate program and fill out the additional scholarship/discount application. If requirements are met, three hours of course credit will be granted fulfilling the requirements for AP401/501 Introduction to Christian Apologetics. 

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Bring high-quality apologetics training to your church and equip believers to remain steadfast in the truth.

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