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In the midst of today’s post-Christian ideas, the ability to remain steadfast in the truth and penetrate the culture with the Gospel requires intentional preparation. Through integrated apologetics-focused Christian education, undergirded with sound philosophy and theology, Southern Evangelical Seminary will equip you to form a complete and systematic Christian worldview. This vital training provides the necessary tools you need for effective evangelism and discipleship.

steadfast in the truth


In this resource, we have distilled 8 things you should know in order to effectively engage our post-Christian culture with God's truth

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This short ebook builds a step-by-step case for the truthfulness of Christianity using a classical and integrated approach to apologetics

3 Reasons You Should Consider a Seminary Education at SES


Is a seminary degree or certificate your next step in being equipped to engage our culture with the Gospel?

Take the Next Step and See the Vital Need for Apologetics-Focused Education

Engaging real-world issues for the sake of the Gospel

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"Why is going to seminary good when you could just read a lot of books on your own? It's good if you attend a great school whose professors select quality readings, have good teaching, foster discussion, and give assignments that help you grow more in understanding than you ever would have on your own. This is true at SES. Every class and book have been worthwhile."

Erin Baumgaertel


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