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As President Judge Ginn understands, in a post-Christian world, the ability to remain steadfast in the truth and penetrate the culture with the Gospel requires intentional preparation. Southern Evangelical Seminary provides an integrated approach to philosophy, theology, and apologetics that will equip you to form a complete and systematic Christian worldview. This apologetics-focused education provides the necessary tools needed for effective evangelism and discipleship. Download your FREE ebook below by letting us know how we can partner together. Whether you desire to become a student, a supporter, or simply want to learn how SES can help equip your church, we stand ready to come along side you for the sake of the Gospel.

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"When it comes time for me to lay aside this life, let me be found dressed in God's holy armor. Standing steadfast for His truth, and seeking to penetrate the culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else! Of this one thing I am certain … I can affirm with great clarity that there is no other better place to impact God's kingdom on this planet than here at Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College."

Judge Phil Ginn

SES President & Alum

integrated thinking

Integrated Thinking

SES uniquely integrates classical apologetics, theology, and philosophy throughout each program to equip you to proclaim & defend the Gospel


Our immersive digital campus offers robust online education with live-streaming, recordings, library access, and community


SES offers incredible value by providing first-class education and academic rigor with very low tuition and numerous financial aid/discount opportunities



SES is accredited by TRACS and offers academically challenging, yet practical, Christian education to equip you for any number of areas of ministry

Consistently ranked as one of the best apologetics programs in the country

Faculty With Real-Life Ministry Experience

You’ll be learning from faculty who have served as pastors and in other ministry roles. You’ll be able to go beyond textbook knowledge and gain wisdom and insight from their life experiences. Our faculty are also dedicated to getting to know students’ goals and helping them to understand the material in a way that applies to current or future callings. 

Apologetics Discussion

Engaging Courses Connect Knowledge with Application

Our courses integrate theology, philosophy, and apologetics in a way that helps you interact with today’s culture. You’ve likely encountered people who have questions about love, suffering, grief, and God’s plan. You will learn how to answer those questions, defend the inerrant Word of God, and reach people from a wide variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.

Classical Christian Thinking for Modern Believers

Because of our integrated apologetics-focus, we teach the bedrock tenets of Classical Christian thinking like God’s simplicity, impassibility, and more. With the proper foundation for demonstrating the nature of the existence of God, we may confidently build new skills and understanding for cultural engagement and upholding the hope of the Gospel. 

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Take the Next Step and See the Vital Need for Apologetics-Focused Education

Engaging real-world issues for the sake of the Gospel

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