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Our culture is not only becoming less Christian, it is actually becoming “post-Christian.” Why do you believe the Gospel is actually true? Why should anyone in a highly-educated, scientific, and technologically-advanced culture accept Christianity?

2 out of 5 American Adults are considered "post-Christian"

At least 3 out of 4 youth leave the church after high school

Half of American skeptics have a college degree

The Christian birthrate is 1.3X that of the “nones,” yet “nones” are on the rise. We are essentially breeding the next generation of skeptics!

Why the Rise of the 'Nones'?

When “nones” were asked why they rejected Christianity their answers reveal the fact
that they simply don’t think Christianity is true. Instead, they often think:

1. Science and faith are incompatible because faith is irrational.

2. There are no good reasons to believe in God.

3. Christianity is bigoted, intolerant, and needlessly exclusive.

“…our research suggests that most of the efforts of Christian ministries fail to reach much beyond the core of ‘Christianized’ America. It’s much easier to work with this already-sympathetic audience than to focus on the so-called ‘nones’. …Christians for whom ‘ministry is about relationships’ may be disappointed when they find that many skeptics are not as enamored of relational bonds as are those who are already a part of church life. …New levels of courage and clarity will be required to connect beyond the Christianized majority.” – BARNA RESEARCH GROUP

The State of Modern Theology

Sadly, the church universal is often ill-equipped and just as confused as the “nones.”
The percentages below reflect the thinking of current American church goers:

As SES Professor Dr. Richard Howe says,

"Good theology is essential to good discipleship."

Are You Ready to Engage?

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