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What Makes SES Unique?

There are many great schools that offer apologetics, but SES was the first school to be thoroughly grounded in apologetics across all of our degree programs. Founded on the twin pillars of apologetics and evangelism, since 1992 SES has provided a synthesis of sound philosophy, classical apologetics, and a cohesive theology based on the inerrant Word of God in order to equip Christians to persuasively share their faith in a secular world.

As SES professor Dr. Richard Howe notes, “We see that there is, indeed, a mandate from Scripture to engage in apologetics. According to the Classical Apologetics approach, demonstrating the truth of Christianity necessitates the tools of sound reason and logic that can be employed to build the case that God exists and has certain attributes and that God has revealed Himself in history through His prophets, apostles, and ultimately through His Son Jesus Christ. This mandate has been incorporated into the very DNA of Southern Evangelical Seminary.”

A Variety of Degree Options

While every degree is grounded in apologetics, SES offers more than just apologetics. Avaliable degrees include a B.A. completion program in Religious Studies; M.A. degrees in Religion, Philosophy, Apologetics, Church Ministry, or Biblical Studies; M.Div. degrees in either Apologetics or Biblical Studies; Th.M.; D.Min. in Apologetics; and a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion.

Flexible Course Delivery

We highly encourage all who are able to attend courses on campus and experience the personal in-class and outside-of-class interactions with both students and professors. For those who cannot attend on campus, we offer a livestreaming option which allows you to still interact in realtime with the class. In addition, most courses are also offered via asynchronous online learning.







Additional fees may apply.

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