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Admissions Process

The purpose of Southern Evangelical Seminary is to train men and women for Bible based Christian ministries. In addition to the academic requirements, there are spiritual requirements for admission in keeping with this purpose. These include Christian experience, spiritual growth, call to service, and gifts for ministry. For questions about Admissions, contact Adam Tucker at 704-847-5600 ext. 211 or email [email protected]

Classes can be taken only by those who have completed the application process (degree, non degree credit or audit) and have been admitted into the seminary. Applications for a degree program will only be considered by the admissions committee when all of the following items have been received:

Online Application Requirements

 A completed online application form through the secure SES student information system which includes:
1. Biographical data
2. Photographs (uploaded passport style photograph, head and shoulders)
3. Academic record from all institutions of higher education attended
4. References–names and addresses of at least three (four if doctorate program) persons, including a pastor, to whom the applicant has sent reference forms.

5. Program of study for which the student is applying indicated on application

Personal Statement Requirements

(B) Personal statement (a document written by the applicant 300–500 words) which includes: 

1. The applicant’s spiritual autobiography
2. The applicant’s aspiration for Christian service
3. The applicant’s evaluation of his or her personality

Official Transcripts Requirement

(C) Official transcripts of the student’s academic record at all institutions of higher education attended are required.

1. Undergraduate students must also include their high school or GED transcript. (The applicant must request each institution to send official transcript directly to the Office of Admissions.)

Application Fee

(D) Application Fee.

1. A non–refundable application fee of $50 ($60 for doctorate programs) must accompany each completed application form.


August 5 for Fall term admission
December 15 for Winter module admission
January 15 for Spring term admission
May 1 for Summer term admission

When the student’s file is complete, the admissions committee will take official action on the application. The applicant will then be notified by letter of acceptance into a specific degree program or other status. A student is strongly encouraged to apply 6 to 12 months before expected enrollment date but at least to complete the application process before the following deadlines:

Any questions? Contact Adam Tucker, Director of Admissions, at 704-847-5600 ext. 211