About SES


Our philosophy of education carries over into the unique and innovative way we approach online education. SES takes a digital-first approach by providing a fully immersive digital campus experience where every aspect of traditional education is achieved in a virtual environment by integrating industry-leading technologies for live-streaming, course management, and student interaction. We fully understand the complex demands on our students, so we have created flexible seminary options for busy schedules. Our digital campus experience allows you to get a first-class education while remaining in your current ministry context.


Our live-streamed classes provide the best in distance education, allowing students to interact in real-time with their professors and peers. The live course lectures and interaction are also recorded and posted back to our course management platform for on-demand viewing throughout the semester.


Many of our asynchronous courses utilize studio-produced recorded lectures that students may watch at their convenience while meeting syllabus deadlines. Additional live-streaming components and professor/peer interaction supplement the asynchronous format allowing students to remain connected.

Digital Campus Experience

This digital-first approach means SES is committed to meeting our students where they are by not only providing a challenging educational curriculum but also offering ways for the SES family to connect outside the classroom. By using Canvas, our learning management platform, we are able to create virtual hangouts, clubs, discussion groups, etc. that allow our students and professors to interact in real-time. Our integrated digital campus experience enables us to foster community and connectedness even while we may be physically distant.

Across the Board

Every degree and certificate offered by SES can be completed via our digital campus (the D.Min. program does have limited on-campus requirements). Anyone with high speed internet can access the digital campus on nearly any laptop, desktop, or mobile device. A webcam and familiarity with web conferencing are helpful, and our online education department is here to help you along the way.

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