Tactical Evangelism: Communicating the Gospel with Passion & Persuasion

The objective of this training is to equip believers with the tools needed to accurately communicate the Gospel in a post-Christian culture in a way that is engaging and persuasive. Attendees should leave this event with a better understanding of what the Gospel actually is, what evangelism looked like throughout the New Testament, and the importance of apologetics in evangelism and disciple-making. A variation of this event can be done that focuses on reaching those in cults and other world religions. The exact topic and session choices may vary slightly depending on T.E.A.M. member availability. The following is simply a recommended event breakdown. The precise hourly schedule can be determined based on your specific needs.

Main Sessions

  • What Exactly is the Gospel?
  • Sharing the Gospel in the New Testament
  • Group Discussion
  • How Apologetics Serves Evangelism
  • Q&A Panel

Alternative Focus

Sessions can also be tailored, or breakout sessions added, to focus on sharing the Gospel with people in various cults (ex. Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, New Agers, etc.) and world religions (ex. Muslims, Hindus, etc.).

What We Provide

In addition to providing speakers and training, we can provide personalized graphics including an event website complete with ticketing or RSVP solutions, PowerPoint announcement slides, banners, and the following promo video customized with your event information: