What are Others Saying?

“As far as I can tell, T.E.A.M. is one of the greatest services SES offers its students, alumni, and the church.” – SES Alum

“Thanks so much for addressing such a difficult topic with our students. I regret that some do not appreciate the gift they have been given, but I do not expect lost students or spiritually immature students to think beyond themselves. Usually I get the notes back from students years later saying they wish they had listened more or that now they understand what I was talking about.  Your session was so helpful and I think this is the way to engage a culture on their own turf who rejects Christianity and biblical authority.” – Christian High School Teacher

It re-ignited my heart for sharing the gospel and gave me some interesting perspectives on reaching out to THIS generation.” – Tactical Evangelism Attendee

I was so glad I came to the TEAM event last weekend! Thanks for the effort you put into it. Your desire to bless and equip us was a blessing and inspiration to me. I will be letting others know more about your ministry. I came away with a taste of what is available to learn and a deeper desire to get involved in sharing the gospel.” – Tactical Evangelism Attendee

Hello parents! I’m the 5th grade leader for AWANA…We are studying Apologetics – learning how to defend our faith through 12 systematic different points. Your kids have learned: What is Truth?,logic, 2 proofs for God’s existence: Cosmological and Teleological. Sunday we will learn the 3rd proof, which is ‘Morals and the ultimate moral law giver.’ Apologetics is a heavy subject but your kids are getting it!!!…The information presented to your children is everything I’ve learned from SES graduates.…It’s such a privilege to see these kids grow in their knowledge of WHO God is!!” – Lay Church Leader

“Thanks for having Hold Fast! The kids loved it and their parents came up to me saying how grateful they were for the conference.” – Hold Fast Attendee

“We are most impressed with T.E.A.M. so far and are grateful for the privilege of the experience.…The point of having T.E.A.M. come was to go deeper than the curriculum we’re using, so that’s exactly what has been done and again, I have enjoyed it. I believe many of the youth have gleaned a lot of helpful information, too.” – Youth Pastor

“I am beyond thrilled with the way things went.…I got good feedback from the kids, and personally loved everything you went over. It was a great start to the night.…I hope you and/or your team would remain interested in coming back for future events because you will be the first I call.” – Lay Youth Leader