Suggested Expense Coverage & Donation

T.E.A.M. exists to serve the body of Christ by equipping believers with solid training in philosophy, apologetics, and evangelism. As a ministry of Southern Evangelical Seminary, we do not have set fees or honorariums, although the generosity of others does enable us to do more ministry with limited resources and demonstrates the givers commitment to the importance and work of apologetics (1 Pet. 3:15; 1 Cor. 10:3-5; Jude 3). We are willing to serve anyone regardless of their means. Nevertheless, at the behest of those whom we have served in the past, the outline below gives the general requests T.E.A.M. makes of those to whom we serve (again, these are requests and can be negotiated as needed):


  • $0.25 p/mile for driving expenses for travel more than 50 miles one-way
  • At least half of airfare travel expenses if required (case-by-case basis)
  • Rental fees/gas if a rental van is required


  • $15 allotment p/full day for each T.E.A.M. speaker (unless food is provided)


  • Host homes are suggested
  • Hotel costs if not using host homes

SES Donation

  • $150 suggested minimum donation to SES per event (a multi-week booking is one event)
  • No donation is requested if an organization already supports SES on a regular basis

Event Website Setup & Ticketing (optional)

  • For a $500 service fee we can setup an event website complete with ticketing (paid or free) or RSVP solutions
  • In our experience, having a ticketed event (and even charging a nominal fee) helps both to secure committed attendees and to plan more accurately based on anticipated crowd size


  • Allow T.E.A.M. speakers to promote SES and our programs briefly at the beginning and end of their talks
  • Place an ad for SES in any conference material if possible
  • Allow a small SES exhibit with literature when possible and appropriate

Important Notes

  • All checks for expenses/donations should be made out to SES and earmarked for T.E.A.M.
  • Any fees for outside or professional speakers will be handled by the hosting organization and that individual speaker
  • Any additional honorariums/gifts for T.E.A.M. speakers over and above the listed expenses and donations are solely at the discretion of the hosting organization and will be handled between the hosting organization and the individual T.E.A.M. speaker
  • When utilized, special consideration should be given to host home assignments (ask for details)