T.E.A.M. Membership Requirements

Whether you are an SES resident or external student, alum, or professor, we want you involved in T.E.A.M. We encourage you to share the knowledge gained as a student at SES. The work is often not glamorous, and sometimes goes under-appreciated, bu persuasively communicating to a very confused culture the truth of the Gospel is vital.

By filling out the T.E.A.M. application you will automatically be a member of T.E.A.M. We welcome you to attend T.E.A.M. events, help initiate and organize new events, assist at events, and take part in any CrossTraining events (training events specifically for T.E.A.M. members) that are offered.

As official representatives of SES and all that makes SES unique, we do have some policies in place in order to be a T.E.A.M. speaker. In general, these requirements will only apply to incoming T.E.A.M. members and not those who have already been speaking for T.E.A.M. Although, we do encourage everyone to attend CrossTraining events (particularly speaker/presentation training) and to agree not to teach anything contrary to the distinctives of SES. The general requirements to be a T.E.A.M. speaker are as follows (exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis):

T.E.A.M. Speaker Requirements

  • Affirm the doctrinal statement of SES
  • Agree to not teach anything contrary to the philosophical and methodological distinctives of SES
  • Agree to not teach anything contrary to SES’s complementarian view of male/female gender roles as laid out in the Danvers Statement on biblical manhood and womanhood: http://cbmw.org/uncategorized/the-danvers-statement/
  • Have successfully completed AP401/501 (Intro to Christian Apologetics) or PH601 (Phil of Religion), ST301/501 (Intro to Theology / Prolegomena & Bibliology), and ST302/502 (Survey of Bible Doctrine / Theology Proper) or their equivalents
  • Have some adequate level of speaker/presentation training and feedback (T.E.A.M. will be offering such training as well as personal one-on-one feedback as needed. Other options are also available such as Frank Turek’s CrossExamined Instructor’s Academy and the module he will teach at SES on Communication Skills and Tactics.)

Things to Keep in Mind

  • If your degree program requires field experience credit, your involvement with T.E.A.M can serve to meet at least some of those requirements. We will work with you and your specific needs.
  • T.E.A.M. speakers conduct the majority of the breakout sessions at the SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics.
  • T.E.A.M. is not a speakers bureau. Rather, it is meant to provide you with hands-on training and provide the church with cost effective, high quality teaching in apologetics, philosophy, evangelism, and biblical studies.
  • We will always attempt to have travel, lodging, and most food costs covered for out of town events.
  • Honorariums for T.E.A.M. speakers are at the complete discretion of whomever we are serving and are not guaranteed (nor should they be expected).
  • We want our online students and out of town alumni involved as well; whether that means hosting events in your area, participating in online training, or traveling to certain events.

Email Adam Tucker, Director of Missions & Evangelism, to receive a link to the T.E.A.M. application.