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Download a zip file of all 116 sessions from the 2015 SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics.

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Download a zip file of all 116 sessions from the 2015 SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics. You can also find some sessions available for free via the SES Mobile app. *A portion of all SEStore proceeds goes towards scholarships for SES students.

Norman Geisler In Defense of Freedom
Josh McDowell It’s the Trend, Stupid; It’s the Trend
Jay Sekulow Freedom to Worship vs Free Exercise of Religion
Richard Land Have We Lost the Culture War?
Frank Turek When Reason Isn’t the Reason for Unbelief
Barry Leventhal Problem of Evil and the Holocaust
Norman Geisler The Defense Never Rests
Nora Hale Gender: Scriptural Authority and Reality
JT Bridges The Edge of ID: Finding the Limitations of Intelligent Design
J. Warner Wallace God’s Crime Scene
Fuz Rana The Cell’s Design
Hugh Ross Habitability for Redemption
Richard Howe Rethinking the Moral Argument: How does Morality Depend on God?
Richard Howe Why I Didn’t Have a Biblical Worldview and You Shouldn’t Either
Gary Habermas Minimal Facts on the Resurrection that Even Skeptics Accept
Daniel Roberts Are God’s Attributes Incompatible?: A Response to Incompatible Divine Attributes
John Sanford Contested Bones: Is There Any Solid Fossil Evidence for Ape-to-Man Evolution?
Daniel Janosik Is Radical Islam Islamic: The Controversies and the Conspiracy
Matthew Joss Submission, Evil, and Marriage: A Discussion
Jim Damron Navigating the Moral Seas of Illness: How Politics, Technology and Society Affect Our Freedom to Make Decisions About Our Health
David Geisler Witnessing to Skeptics Today
Tom Woodward DNA and Biology’s New Codes: What They Are Telling Us
Glenn Pietruski What Do The Major Cults Believe
Richard Tompkins Expanding the Church’s Evangelistic Effectiveness Through Apologetics
John Stewart Are Our NT Documents Reliable?: The Case for the New Testament Texts
Ray Ciervo Keeping Christ First in the Apologetic Pursuit
B. Klye Keltz Would a Good God Allow Death before the Fall?
Peter Frish Irrational Arguments against Christianity
Jeff Jackson Knowing the Questioner
Sean McDowell The Beauty of Intolerance
JT Bridges A Christian Philosophy of Science
Del Potter When Early Christians Walked the Earth
Doug Potter The Book of Enoch, Angels and Giants, O My
Kathryn Camp When Tolerance Turns to Hate: How Do We Defend the Christian Message?
Hillary Ferrer Diagnosing Doubt: How To Stop Wasting Time Answering the Wrong Questions
Gary Habermas The Resurrection Timeline
James Dew On The Possibility of Life After Death
Kurt Wise Israel: God’s Argument for God
Chris Van Allsburg Did the Exodus Really Happen?
Fuz Rana Dinosaur Blood and the Age of the Earth
Sibu Rajjappan Witness to Easterners (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhissam, and Jainism)
Eric Gustafson Creationism: A Balanced Approach
Dan Britton The Critical Need for Integrating Apologetics into Youth Ministry
Anjeanette Roberts Reasoning, Data Interpretation, and Storytelling
Kimberly Credit An Apologetic Answer for Unrest of Racism
Ramon Margallo Simplified: Apologetics Made Easy
Tony Gurule Muslim Brotherhood: Origin, Identity, and Agenda
Corey Miller Ethos in Apologetics: A Necessary Pivot in Our Changing Culture
Richard Land Pornification of America: A Christian Response
Thomas McCuddy Fully Equipped: How to Add Apologetics into a Comprehensive
Gerard Figurelli Philosophy, Theology, and the Local Church
Juan Valdez,Arturo Rojas, Antonio Cruz Panel: Apologetics for the Spanish Speaking World
Adam Johnson The Death of God
Mark Phillips Six Problems if Jesus Never Existed
Lawrence Helms Early Dating the Gospel of Matthew: The Case for Matthew’s Aramaic Gospel
Ibrahim Inuwa Does Reason Trump Faith, or is Faith Reasonable?
Hugh Ross Faint Sun Paradox: New Proofs of Creation
Richard Land The Existential Threat to Religious Freedom: A Moral and Biblical Response
Dave Glander The Shroud of Turin: Hoax or History?
Dianna Newman Navigating Feminist Theology
Devin Pellew Objections Answered
Adam Tucker Finding God in the Dark: Why Isn’t the Existence of God More Obvious?
Brian Henson Using Movies as Apologetic Arguments
Juan Vales Which God?
Frank Turek Why Evil Disproves Atheism
Richard Weikart Hitler’s Religion: The Twisted Beliefs that Drove the Third Reich
Nora Hale, Dianna Newman Does Christianity Oppress Women
Cathy N Behind the Veil
Kristen Davis Paganism Rising
Kristen Davis Old Testament-History or Hoax
Marcia Montenegro Is Jesus Calling? A Look at Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling
Kathryn Camp Defending The Deity of Christ Against the Muslim Claims of Prophet Only
Carey Walton The Argument from Desire: Making Sense of the Cries from the Heart
Dianna Newman Critiquing Feminist Criticism of the Bible
Sarah Cripps Now What? It’s Time for a Grace Revolution
Nora Hale Gender: Scriptural Authority and Reality
Kathryn Camp How To Keep Your Family From Being Silenced
Sarah Cripps Can the Bible Speak to a 21st Century Woman?
Jill Graham Responding as a Christian to the LGBT
Tricia Scribner LifeGivers Apologetics: Women as Naturally Designed Defenders of the Faith
Carey Walton Nothing New Under the Sun: How Ancient Heresies Find New Life in Contemporary Faith
Marcia Montenegro How Should We Live? Navigating Horoscopes and Astrology
Panel – Q & A