NCCA 2017 Entire Conference


THIS WILL BE AVAILABLE A FEW DAYS AFTER THE CONFERENCE CONCLUDES. Download a zip file of all 81 sessions from the 2017 SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics.

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THIS WILL BE AVAILABLE A FEW DAYS AFTER THE CONFERENCE CONCLUDES. Download a zip file of all 81 sessions from the 2017 SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics. You can also find some sessions available for free in 6-12 months via the SES Mobile app. *A portion of all SEStore proceeds goes towards scholarships for SES students.

Frank Turek Your Most Important Thinking Skill
Hugh Ross Responding to New Atheist Arguments
Michael Brown Using Rabbinic Literature to Present Jesus as Messiah
David Geisler, Don Deal Engaging Our Culture with Questions: Moving Toward Spiritual Conversations
Doug Axe Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition that Life is Designed
Harold Felder The Difference Between Psychics and Prophets
Ray Ciervo Turning Skeptics into Seekers
Butch Ikels Building the Country Church on a Biblical Foundation
Kathryn Camp Driven to Distraction
Lawrence Helms Misquoting Truth: The Errors of Bart Ehrman’s “Misquoting Jesus”
Eric Gustafson Creationism: A Balanced Approach
Daniel Janosik Are Allah and Jehovah the Same God?
Rodney Navey Apologetics at Home
Antonio Cruz Descendemos de los simios? Pruebas científicas de la singularidad humana.
Richard Land The Reformation’s Relevance Today
J. Warner Wallace God’s Crime Scene
Ken Samples Jesus: The Only Hope of the World’s Religions
John Whitmore The Importance of the Coconino Sandstone in Deciphering the Geological History of Grand Canyon’s Rocks
Jeff Lenhart From Perversion to Orientation: How a Shift in Terminology Led to the Inversion of Moral Judgment   
Thomas McCuddy Lost in Translations: From Papyri to iPad – How We Got Our English Bible and Why We Can Trust It
J. Andrew Payne The Evidential and the Logical Problem of Evil
Kristen Davis Detangling the Documentary Hypothesis Hold on Biblical Studies
Kyle Keltz Would a Good God Allow Death Before the Fall?
Dan Britton Overcoming Church Leadership Objections to Apologetics Training
J. Anthony Hildahl Don’t Run from the Trinity! Leveraging Our Muslim Neighbors Natural Desire to Talk About the Trinity to Lead them to the Jesus of the Bible
Kurt Wise Antisemitism: A Proof for Yahweh
David Glander Darwin vs. Moses: Whose Statements are Backed Up by the Evidences We Now Have Available to Us?
Logan Gates Dios y los derechos humanos:  ¿Amigos o enemigos?
Gary Habermas The Resurrection Timeline
Jeff Chamblee and M.D. Perkins from American Family Studios Reaffirming Biblical Authority: The Making of The God Who Speaks
Tim McGrew The Ring of Truth: Undesigned Coincidences in the Gospels
Terry Mortenson Seven Reasons Why Christians Should Not Accept Millions of Years
Michael Sherrard Beyond the Church Walls: Helping the Next Generation Defend Christianity in a Post-Christian World
John Sanford Adam and Eve: New Genetic Evidence
Mel Winstead Can We Trust the Bible?
Tricia Scribner LifeGivers Apologetics: Women as Naturally Designed Defenders of the Faith
Eric Chabot Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah?
Mark Phillips Thinking Through the Challenges of Social Media
Gerard Figurelli Making a Case for Life: Becoming a Pro-Life Thinker
John Ferrer The Two Falls Theodicy: A Christian Response to the Problem of Animal Suffering
David Glander Shroud of Turin
Jorge Gil Calderon El Argumento Moral: Como el mal termina probando la existencia de Dios
Hugh Ross Anthropic Principles
Jay Richards Why Machines Won’t Replace You
Richard Howe, Dan Barker Debate: Is There a God Who Speaks?
Norman Geisler Defending the Faith in a Post-Modern World
Greg Koukl Credo: The Story of Reality
Logan Gates ¿Es exclusiva la fe cristiana?
Richard Land Who and What is a Human Being?
Michael Brown Saving a Sick America: How the Bible is Still God’s Prescription for Moral and Cultural Reformation
Juan Valdes ¿Cuál Dios? Cómo sabemos que el Dios de la Biblia es el único Dios verdadero.
J.T. Bridges, J.P. Moreland, Jay Richards The Relationship Between Science, Philosophy, and Christianity: Panel Discussion with Drs. JT Bridges, JP Moreland, and Jay Richards
Gary Habermas Evidence for the Minimal Facts
Frank Turek Six Mistakes We Make in Interpreting the Bible (and How to STOP Doing That)
Brian Huffling Types of Arguments for God’s Existence: What Makes an Argument Good?
Chris Van Allsburg The Decay of Western Civilization: How Postmodern Relativism Eats Culture
Tony Gurule Unveiling the Facts of Shari’ah (Islamic Law)
Brian Henson How Do We Know the Bible Is From God? Fulfilled Messianic Prophecies
Cynthia Suffern Talking About Gender
Harold Hansen Jehovah’s Witnesses Examined
Matthew Coté God’s Foreknowledge of Future Free Actions: An Analytic and Thomistic Appraisal
Jeremy Cummings Post-Truth Apologetics: A Challenge to Apologists
Josh Erlien Three Voices That Have Gotten Into Your Student’s Head: A look at some ideas that are shaping the next generation
David Glander Darwin vs. Moses: Whose Statements are Backed Up by the Evidences We Now Have Available to Us? (Repeat)
Daniel Diaz Ciencia y cristianismo: ¿se contradicen?
Vince Eccles, Corey Miller, Latayne Scott, Lynn Wilder Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed Their Minds
Greg Koukl, David Geisler Walking in Wisdom Towards Outsiders: A Conversation with Greg Koukl & David Geisler
Doug Potter Did God Command Genocide?
Zach Turek Understanding Major Islamic Terrorist Groups
Steven Garofalo All Roads Don’t Lead To Heaven-Answering the COEXIST Bumper Sticker
Doug Axe The Call to Baptize Darwinism, and Why We Should Reject It
Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts Minding Our Differences: Listen; Ask; Engage
Timothy Brown What is Natural About the Natural Law?
Tim McGrew The Verdict of History: How Non-Christian Sources Authenticate the Gospels
J.T. Bridges Approaching the Natural Sciences: A Philosopher’s Tale
Prem Isaac Philosophical Issues in Anti-Theistic Physics
Bernard Mauser Reading to Grow: A Field Guide to the Bible
David Glander Shroud of Turin (Repeat)
Arturo Rojas El exterminio de los cananeos. ¿Es Dios un genocida?a
Richard Howe, Ken Ham God’s Word or Man’s Word: From Where Must Apologetics Begin?
J. Warner Wallace Call of Duty