Pastoral Ministry

Does your congregation have an intelligent faith that can withstand constant challenges?

The church universal is desperate for pastors, chaplains, and other Christian leaders trained in apologetics and critical thinking who are able to disciple those under their care. In today’s culture apologetics is no longer an option for those wanting to deepen their own faith, equip their families, or share their faith with others. Pastors and spiritual leaders need integrated training in theology, philosophy, and apologetics they can practically incorporate into their own ministries. Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College provides that integrated training that will enable you to equip your flock to proclaim the Gospel, engage the culture, and defend the Truth.

Taking You Beyond Online Education

Students looking at online programs in theology, philosophy, apologetics, or biblical studies are impressed when they discover how our digital campus experience pushes far beyond the outdated models of asynchronous education most schools still use. Everything we have developed at SES will equip you to engage a culture that is hostile to the Gospel, and you can get this training without leaving your current ministry context.

Why Should You Seriously Consider Studying at SES?

You almost certainly have at least some basic — and perhaps even advanced — knowledge of Christian theology and apologetics. Many new students at SES have studied books like Tactics by Gregory Koukl, Lewis’ Mere Christianity, or I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist by SES alum Frank Turek and SES co-founder Norman Geisler. These are all very helpful resources, but perhaps you have reached that point in your self-guided research where you hit a wall or find yourself out of your depth.

It’s one thing to employ tactics effectively in conversation and know the basics of Christianity. It’s another thing to realize you have not been grounded in a sound philosophy that integrates into a full, robust systematic theology. You can be a good philosopher without being a good apologist, but it does not work the other way around! Giving you the philosophical foundation you need for both theology and apologetics is just one of the ways that a degree or certificate from SES will serve you well. Watch the short video below to learn more.

By training as a pastor at SES, you will:

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A Valuable Education with Exceptionally Affordable Tuition

Prospective students are almost always surprised to learn how affordable we keep our degree programs at Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College. 

You need effective training for ministry — not a crippling load of student loan debt. The value of a degree here pays off through your entire career and truly has an eternal value as well. 

As a result, we're delighted to tell you that you'll have a very difficult time finding a better tuition rate than what we offer at SES (the price below is for graduate level courses; undergrad rate is $238 p/ch; doctoral rate is $417 p/ch):

"What will a degree in apologetics do for you as a pastor? As a busy pastor in a church of 2,600 in the D.C. environment, I can answer that practical question with five observations. One, you will be trained to use classical apologetics to build a bridge to a culture which rejects the Bible outright. Two, you will learn how to use [classical] thinking to devise sound philosophical arguments to reach a world that embraces logically inferior and untenable worldviews. Three, you will learn how to maintain a balance between apologetics and evangelism … Four, you will be equipped to identify and lovingly deconstruct false philosophical systems … Five, your thinking will be challenged and deepened, and your walk with Christ will be taken to a whole new level. SES delivers on all of these points and so much more."

Dr. Marty Baker


Our Streamlined Admissions Process

Start the admission process today. You can begin in just a few minutes by filling out our initial application and it will open the door for us to have an exploratory conversation about your graduate school priorities and hopes for ministry. We have an entire team at SES who is ready to help you in the process of discerning your gifts and calling to ministry so you can engage our culture in the conversations that matter the most. Take the next step now.

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