Onward Capital Campaign

Remembering the Past, Honoring the Present, Building the Future

Ross Rhoads and Norman Geisler founded SES on evangelism and apologetics. The SES mission statement inscribed in the entrance of our new campus says it all: “…to train men and women, based on the inerrant and infallible written Word of God, for the evangelization of the world and defense of the historic Christian faith.”

In accomplishing its mission, SES has always maintained a commitment to sound philosophy, classical apologetics, and a cohesive theology based on the infallible Word of God (John 10:35).

The new facility consists of two adjacent buildings. The administration building (15,000 sq. ft) houses faculty and staff and is the future home of a high-quality production studio that will be designed to deliver high-end educational content to SES’s online education students across the globe. Podcasts, radio, and television programs featuring important guests, faculty, and alumni will also be produced there.


The education building (20,000 sq. ft) contains all the classrooms as well as the Jamison Library, the Westra Student Center, a future events area, and the Apologetics Encounter (a walk-through audio-visual experience of Dr. Norman Geiser’s classic Twelve Point’s that Show Christianity is True.) Each classroom has large screen monitors and advanced internet streaming capabilities.


More than at any other time since its inception, SES is deeply needed to train students to meet the evangelistic needs of a lost and dying world. A large portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Matthews campus went toward the purchase of our new campus (valued at $7.5 million) leaving an approximate $2 million mortgage to retire.


Production Studio – $250,000
Apologetics Encounter – $250,000
Special Events Center – $500,000
Board Room – $100,000
Large Classroom – $150,000
Small Classrooms – $50,000 each

Other naming opportunities include campus buildings, offices, break room, lecture series, and academic chairs. Please contact Eric Gustafson for more information: [email protected] / (704) 847-5600 x232

Help us reach our $2.5 million goal to significantly reduce
our mortgage and dedicate our resources more fully
to our ministries and our students.

15015 Lancaster Highway | Charlotte, NC 28277

(800)77-TRUTH | [email protected]
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