Master of Arts in Apologetics

With increasing hostility toward Christianity in today’s culture, defenders of the faith need to be competent, confident, and compassionate.

If you are pursuing growth in your ministry and biblical witness, the 60 hour Master of Arts in Apologetics can provide a solid foundation. This degree program is designed to equip you for engaging in the conversation effectively. Students in the program strengthen their understanding of God’s word and develop the skills needed to lead others in truth.

Those with ministry, family, or work commitments will find a community of students also prioritizing their education alongside other responsibilities.  The MA in Apologetics can be earned via our immersive digital campus without the need to physically come to campus.

In the program, you will:

  • Study the Old and New Testaments, including synthetic development of each book of the Bible
  • Learn to relate the major biblical doctrines to current cultural and apologetic issues
  • Earn the credentials needed to move into a doctoral program 
  • Explore the historical and philosophical development of various ideas and how they relate to contemporary philosophies, theologies, and ethical dilemmas and decisions
  • Grow in your own likeness to Christ as manifested in love for God, love for others, and evidence of the fruit of the Spirit
  • Become more equipped to love and serve people in whatever spiritual, moral, or physical condition you meet them
  • Learn to communicate the truth of God effectively in a wide variety of contexts

Courses of Interest


Develop confidence to defend the Christian faith by examining various forms of logical thinking and fallacies. This class stresses the use of reason in both theology and apologetics.

Prolegomena and Bibliology

Increase your effectiveness in emphasizing the infallibility and inerrancy of the Bible. This course focuses specifically on the inspiration and canonization of Scripture. 


Get equipped for conversations around controversial topics such as the sanctity of human life, euthanasia, religious freedom, and church–state issues. 

Tailored Education to Help Fulfill Your Unique Calling

Whether you are pursuing full-time vocational leadership or personal ministry growth, this program is designed to provide a path for your success.

Full-Time Ministry

Christians are called to be salt and light in our world, and leaders should be equipped to confidently engage the ideas shaping today’s culture. Apologetics training is essential for breaking down barriers and effectively leading others. As you pursue God’s calling on your life through ministry, a seminary education will maximize your impact.

Personal Ministry

If your personal study hasn’t yielded the growth you’re looking for, formal training can equip you to answer hard questions and present the truth in love. Being grounded in apologetics prepares you to be fruitful in all aspects of your personal ministry. Our apologetics program offers structured training you need to share the faith and defend truth in everyday life. 

Discover a Flexible Apologetics Program — Download Your Program Preview Today!

“I can’t imagine functioning in this culture, or in my vocation as a therapist for that matter, without the training I received at SES. I use the apologetics training daily as a professional counselor in the toughest of clinical mental health environments.” 

Mike Jackson, SES Alum

Admissions & Tuition

Southern Evangelical Seminary offers a simple, four-step application process. Prospective students can apply online, submit a personal statement, provide official transcripts, and pay a nonrefundable application fee to be considered for admission. Read more about our application process, deadlines, and tuition.

Why Southern Evangelical Seminary?

Individuals who enroll at Southern Evangelical Seminary have many different goals, but one thing in common: a desire to strengthen their grounding in core issues to glorify God. If you are looking to more clearly articulate truth and teach others with confidence, you’ll find invaluable community at SES. Our faculty and staff invest in each student’s journey, and like-minded peers help sharpen each other along the way. These meaningful relationships will be critical to your personal growth and ability to defend your faith in an ever-changing world.

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