Don’t let the financial burden of education stand in your way.

SES has several needs-based scholarships available for degree pursuing students (not available for certificate or non-degree students). When available, scholarship funds are distributed by the Scholarship Committee to qualifying students on the basis of need, ministry, student status, grades, and Christian character. Available funds are distributed near the beginning of each semester. All degree-seeking students may apply for a scholarship, but will not be considered until granted academic acceptance.

For additional questions contact the Admissions Office at [email protected]  or (704) 847-5600 x216.

Submission Deadlines

Scholarship application deadlines are as follows:
Fall Semester – July 1
Spring Semester – December 1
Summer – April 1

Current Scholarships

The Rhoads Scholarship is named in honor of Dr. Ross Rhoads, the co–founder and first president of SES. He was an evangelist, pastor, author, educator, and Christian leader who devoted his life to winning souls for Christ. The scholarship provides tuition assistance to qualified SES students. Ross Rhoads made an immeasurable and lasting impact for the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. For years to come, The Rhoads Scholarship will preserve his legacy and help to effectively train others who share his world–sized vision to evangelize the lost and equip the Church.

The Norman L. Geisler Memorial Scholarship is named for SES co-founder and President Emeritus Dr. Norman Geisler in order to help continue Dr. Geisler’s legacy of evangelizing the world and defending the Faith. This fund allows for the possibility of tuition assistance based on the need presented and the discretion of SES.

The Josh McDowell Scholarship Fund is named for Josh McDowell to honor his commitment to the Christian principles and character that have defined his life. SES desires to carry on the legacy of this hero of the Christian faith who has so well personified the apologetics life – commending and defending the truth of Christianity.

The Hugh Ross Scholarship in Scientific Apologetics is named for Dr. Hugh Ross in honor of his commitment to the principles of evangelism and apologetics that have defined his life. Dr. Ross, as an astronomer and pastor, focuses his ministry on harnessing the power of science for evangelism. Founding Reasons To Believe in 1986, Dr. Ross’ desire to communicate that science and faith are, and always will be, allies, not enemies is the basis for RTB’s outreach efforts. He proclaims this message by writing books, recording podcasts, and speaking in many venues. Dr. Ross engages skeptics and equips believers with powerful reasons to believe in the God of the Bible as the Creator and Savior.

Scholarship Application is for Accepted Students Only

  • Personal Information

  • Financial Records

  • Please provide two (2) most recent years of tax records.

    Should you wish to send via regular mail, the following documents may be sent directly to:
    Southern Evangelical Seminary
    Attn: Miana Huneycutt
    15015 Lancaster Hwy
    Charlotte NC 28277
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • Current Ministry Involvement

  • Include a short essay (300 word minimum) of your current ministry involvement, as well as what you plan to do with your degree. Please upload your essay using the button below.
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
    Financial aid funds are limited and will be awarded on the bases of need, ministry, student status, grades, and character.

    The Scholarship Committee will verify that an applicant's grades have met the minimum grade requirements for scholarship eligibility.

    Awards are given each semester, for up to two (2) classes per semester. A new application must be submitted each semester.

    All applications must be submitted to the Scholarship Committee in their entirety. Any incomplete applications will have to be re-submitted in the following year.