Become a Student


Southern Evangelical Seminary is primarily a graduate school of theology. The prerequisite for a degree program, therefore, is a bachelor’s degree from an accredited postsecondary institution or the equivalent. Students not meeting these qualifications do not qualify for a graduate degree program until their undergraduate requirements are satisfied. A student also must have maintained a better than average grade point average in his or her undergraduate program.

The purpose of this institution is to train men and women for Bible based Christian ministries. Therefore, in addition to the academic requirements, there are spiritual requirements for admission in keeping with this purpose. These include Christian experience, spiritual growth, call to service, and gifts for ministry.

Students who do not meet the necessary undergraduate college requirements may petition for entrance into one of the Certificate programs. Acceptance into these programs is contingent upon the candidate meeting the following criteria:

  1. Should have demonstrated pastoral or leadership skills for Christian ministry,
  2. Should have completed at least two years of an undergraduate program or the equivalent, and
  3. Should be approved by the Admissions Committee for entry into such program.

Specific requirements for these programs are detailed in the description of Academic Programs.

Admission into a program of study does not mean acceptance into candidacy for the degree. Only after completion of 30 hours (18 hours for M.A.R.) of credit with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 (3.0 for D.Min.; 3.5 for Ph.D.) or better may a student apply for candidacy in the degree, diploma, or certificate.

All degree, diploma or certificate students: Candidacy for a degree must be applied for by October 1 preceding the Commencement at which the degree is to be conferred. Applications must be accompanied by a nonrefundable payment of a $25 graduation fee.