In addition to several needs-based scholarships, SES offers the following financial aid possibilities:

Veterans Benefits

The degree programs of education at SES are approved by the North Carolina State Approving Agency for the enrollment of persons eligible for education assistance benefits from the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.). Entitled veterans, participants in the G.I. Bill contribution programs, active duty military in voluntary education programs, drilling National Guard, drilling Reservists, and eligible spouses and offspring who have applied, met all admissions criteria, been fully accepted, and matriculated may be certified to the V.A. Regional office as enrolled and in pursuit of an approved program of Education. For information about monetary benefits contact your local U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office. For information about the available programs at SES contact the Registrar at [email protected]

Ministry Partner Benefits

SES has partnerships with several different ministry organizations (ex. CrossExamined, NGIM, Ratio Christi, Engage 360) and Bible colleges that offer ministry staff and missionaries tuition discounts. Click HERE for a current list of partners. If you are part of one of these ministries, or if you would like your ministry to be considered as a Ministry Partner, please contact the Admissions Office for details: [email protected] or (704) 847-5600 x211.

Ratio Christi Missionary Apologist Training Fellowship

Birthed at SES, Ratio Christi establishes apologetics clubs on college and high school campuses in order to equip students to become conversational apologists and evangelists who can undergird the Gospel witness by defending Christianity with reason and evidence. The Ratio Christi Missionary Apologist Training Fellowship (RCMA Training Fellowship) is your path to get fully trained, fully funded, and fully equipped to serve as a Ratio Christi Missionary Apologetics. SES offers all Ratio Christi missionaries and Training Fellows a 25% tuition discount. Please contact Ratio Christi for current benefits and commitments related to this RCMA Training Fellowship.