Alumni & Friends

Ministry Partners

SES alumni and friends are involved in many different ministries doing great work across the country and around the world. We is pleased to partner with the following ministries and invite to explore the work they are doing.

Engage 360 Ministries

Engage 360 recognizes most people are afraid to of having religious conversations. So we walk them through natural ways to share their faith with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and strangers. We help people know, share, and grow in their faith. We focus on what is the gospel, what the gospel is not, what biblical evangelism looks like, how to apply biblical evangelism techniques today, and prepare them to deal with common objections to the Christian faith.

Growing Deeper Roots

Created in 2018, Growing Deeper Roots is the passion project of Mia Langford where faith comes alive through powerful synergy among three disciplines: Christian discipleship, theology, and apologetics. The Growing Deeper Roots conference has become an annual event in Michigan with a national audience, and Growing Deeper Roots now brings other empowering events and content to a growing and influential community from many walks of life who are united by their curiosity and passion for God, — and also by their shared discovery of this exciting secret to boldness. 

No Pat Answers

We help equip the church to defend their faith through personal coaching, presenting seminars and conferences, and ministering in churches, groups, and Bible studies. We present teachings on the existence of God, the reliability of the Scripture and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our presentations are sound, reasonable, and relevant.

Reason for Truth

The mission of Reason For Truth is to equip both the hearts and the minds of today’s Christians in the twenty-first century church. We do this by way of working with small groups, churches, and para church organizations. Our focus is to equip the believer to be able to both defend and advance the Gospel through evangelism using apologetics. We help believers with identifying objections to the Christian faith and refuting those objections with rational arguments based on Biblical truth. In addition to equipping for a defense, we also train believers to be able to give positive, proactive, and truthful reasons for why the Gospel is the truth of God. This includes giving a biblical, philosophical, scientific, and metaphysical reason for Christianity.

If you are interested in being considered for, and exploring the benefits of, the SES Ministry Partner Program please contact Adam Tucker at (704) 847-5600 x211 or via email at [email protected]

*SES does not necessarily endorse all views held by any particular Ministry Partner.