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Frank Turek Scholarship Program

New Student? You Could Save 50% Off Your SES Tuition!

Generous donors have made our already affordable tuition even better!

With some of the lowest tuition rates in country, Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College is now an even better value with the Frank Turek Scholarship Program. This 50% scholarship is available to approved degree and certificate students who are serving, or planning to serve, in a U.S.-based direct ministry context using apologetics to impact the culture*. As many of you know, Dr. Frank Turek is the SES alumnus who founded and has authored many apologetics books such as I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (with SES co-founder Dr. Norman Geisler). He has been masterful at communicating to the masses the unique approach to defending the faith taught at SES. We want you to be equipped to do the same within your personal ministry context! Whether you’re a pastor, youth pastor, Sunday School teacher, content creator, or something in between, SES has the apologetics-focused education you need. 

Scholarship Requirements

Scholarships will be awarded based on both financial need and potential ministry impact

"Do not go to SES … unless you want to know why Christianity is true, and unless you want to be able to deal with the philosophical and skeptical ideas that are all over the culture. … SES does an absolutely terrible job at getting you to agree with the culture. … Don't go to SES if you want to be an average Christian who doesn't get anything done. Only go to SES if you want to be an ambassador and someone who's going to make a difference in life."

Dr. Frank Turek

SES Alum/Adjunct Professor, President of


$ 173 p/Credit Hour*
  • Regular Price – $345 p/ch


$ 238 p/Credit Hour*
  • Regular Price – $475 p/ch

Doctor of Ministry

$ 300 p/Credit Hour*
  • Regular Price – $600 p/ch

Scholarship Application Steps

Scholarship Application Deadlines

Fall Terms – July 15
Winter/Spring Terms – December 15
Summer Terms – April 15



Start the SES admissions process today. You can begin in just a few minutes by filling out our initial application. We have an entire team at SES who is ready to help you in the process of discerning your gifts and calling to ministry so you can engage our culture in the conversations that matter the most. Once you complete the initial application form, you will receive an email with a link to your full and personal application. Please note, the Ph.D. program is not eligible for this scholarship at this time. 

You must be accepted to SES before being considered for this scholarship. While SES application deadlines are flexible, you will need to apply well in advance of the scholarship application deadlines. Once we have received your references and transcripts, your completed SES application will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee. This process typically takes 2-3 weeks. You will be notified via email of the Admission Committee’s decision.


While your SES application is in progress, please use the link below to apply for the Frank Turek Scholarship Program. The Scholarship Committee will evaluate the applications and notify via email all applicants of the Committee’s decision (be sure to check your SES email address which you will receive upon acceptance to the school). Other discounts are available for those not eligible for this scholarship.

If awarded a Frank Turek Scholarship, recipients will be expected to do the following:

  • Complete your first for-credit course the semester (i.e., fall, spring, summer) after being awarded the scholarship (dropping or withdrawing from your first course will require applying for the scholarship again) 
  • Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA each semester
  • Complete your certificate or degree within the following timeframes
    – Certificates: 2 consecutive years
    – Degrees (with exceptions): No more than 4 consecutive years
  • Be willing to be featured in SES promotional material
  • Failing to fulfill these requirements may result in the loss of further scholarship funds

*Scholarship funds cover tuition only (not including fees) of for-credit courses. If needed, per the donor’s request, preference will be given to those who belong to a participating congregation of the independent, non-denominational Christian Churches and Churches of Christ (instrumental) as well as those who desire to interact with young people both from within the local church and outside the church walls. Scholarships may be applied to either a qualified certificate program or an approved degree program. Applicants who wish to convert a certificate to an approved degree program may also be eligible for a scholarship provided they continue to meet the scholarship criteria. Anyone starting an application to a new (for them) certificate or degree program will be considered a “new student.” Other discounts are available for those who do not receive the Frank Turek Scholarship. Scholarships and discounts cannot be combined. The Frank Turek Scholarship is designed to fund 50% of the tuition for a full degree or certificate as long as the student maintains the specified criteria and scholarship funds are available. Scholarship recipients must complete their first for-credit course (through the drop/add period and without a subsequent withdrawal from the course) during the semester (i.e., fall, spring, summer) immediately following the date at which they applied for the scholarship or they will be required to re-apply for the scholarship.

Why Should You Seriously Consider Studying at SES?

You almost certainly have at least some basic — and perhaps even advanced — knowledge of Christian apologetics. Many new students at SES have studied books like Tactics by Gregory Koukl, Lewis' Mere Christianity, or I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist by SES alum Frank Turek and SES co-founder Norman Geisler. These are all very helpful resources, but perhaps you have reached that point in your self-guided research where you hit a wall or find yourself out of your depth.

Apologetics, theology, and even Bible study will never reach their potential without being grounded in sound philosophy. It's not a matter of whether you're doing philosophy. It's a matter of whether you're doing it well or poorly. You can be a good philosopher without being a good apologist or theologian, but it does not work the other way around! Giving you the philosophical foundation you need for both theology and apologetics is just one of the ways that a degree or certificate from SES will serve you well. Watch the short video below to learn more.

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Apologetics-Focus Undergraduate


SES offers a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies designed to prepare students for later graduate work in apologetics, philosophy, biblical studies, and more. Some hours can even be applied to M.A. studies.

Apologetics-Focus Graduate


In addition to apologetics degrees, several academically rigorous Masters degrees are available that provide students with integrated and in-depth studies that will prepare you for ministry or doctoral work.

Seminary education that prepares you.


A Doctor of Ministry in Apologetics (D.Min.) as well as a Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy of Religion (Ph.D.) offer students opportunities to develop their own research and practical resources.

We're Giving Away One Full Scholarship for Any SES Certificate Program

Be one of the first 60 students to qualify for the Frank Turek Scholarship Program by Dec. 15, 2022 and be eligible to receive a full scholarship to an SES certificate program of your choice. 

We’ll pick one winner from the first 60 qualifying scholarship applicants. Remember, certificates are for-credit and can be applied to a degree program in the future. This makes certificates a great way to get started in your SES educational journey. Click below to see the steps for applying to the Frank Turek Scholarship Program.