Our philosophy of education carries over into the way we approach our Online Education program. Online Education at SES involves the use of various tools, as directed by the faculty member, to provide the highest quality education for students who may never step foot on campus. We offer a unique online educational philosophy and in so doing, strive to be innovators in the field of online education.

Traditional Asynchronous

Our traditional asynchronous courses utilize prerecorded lectures that students may watch on their own time while still meeting assignment deadlines. The course requirements more or less mirror the on-campus equivalent of the course, but provides increased flexibility for those with busy schedules.


The purpose of live-stream courses is to mirror the on-campus experience, but at a distance. Students who desire to have classroom interaction and discussion but cannot attend courses on campus may utilize this option as it allows the student to participate in the lectures in real time from their computer.

Across the Board

Every certificate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree at SES can be completed off campus. In addition, many doctoral level courses also have online options using a combination of these forms. Both forms utilize Canvas, an easy-to-use online learning system, for course content delivery.

Technology Requirements

  • High Speed Internet Access (1Mbs Minimum, >5Mbs Recommended)
  • Modern Internet Browser
  • The Ability to Save Document Files as PDF
  • Operating System: Windows 7, Mac Snow Leopard or Newer
  • Speakers
  • Microphone (For Live-Stream Courses)
  • Webcam (For Live-Stream Courses Requiring Presentations)