Online Education

Our philosophy of education carries over into the way we approach our Online Education program. Online Education at SES involves the use of various tools, as directed by the faculty member, to provide the highest quality education for students who may never step foot on campus. We offer a unique online educational philosophy and in so doing, strive to be innovators in the field of online education.

Every certificate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree at SES can be completed off campus. In addition, many doctoral level courses also have online options. Our online program allows us to offer our apologetics intensive degree programs anywhere in the world. Online students have the option to take courses in a true online format, or they can choose to stream courses live. Our live-streaming format allows students to participate in the classroom without having to travel to Charlotte; all that is needed are a connected computer or mobile device, headphones, and a mic. Contact our admissions department today to find out if our online education program is right for you.

Technology Requirements for Online Education:

  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Internet browser (we recommend using Safari or Firefox)
  • Ability to listen to standard digital mp3 audio files and view mp4 videos
  • Ability to read PDF files
  • The ability to save files in a PDF document format

*The D.Min Degree is an online degree with a residency requirement of 12 hours.

*There is a partial residency requirement for the PhD program, though most classes can be live-streamed.