Non-Degree Options

SES offers several options for non-degree students to benefit from our unique integration of theology, philosophy, and apologetics.

As always, these options can be completed via our immersive digital campus. These are great options for those wishing to supplement their education with accredited training from SES without enrolling in a degree or certificate program.

Non-Degree Students

Non–Degree Credit status may be granted to:

  1. Students who do not meet the academic requirements for regular admission into a degree program but who desire academic credit
  2. Students who are qualified for a degree program, but do not desire to enter a degree program at this time (such students may audit or attend courses for credit)

Anyone requesting Non–Degree Credit (NDC) Student status must submit a Non–Degree Credit Student Application. The Non–Degree Credit Student Application does not require references or transcripts. A Non–Degree Credit student taking courses for credit must pay full tuition for each course so taken. Such a student can take no more than three (3) courses for credit, at which time enrollment in a specific degree program must be completed, including submission of a complete admission application in order to continue to take courses for credit. Non–Degree status may also be granted to students who apply to a degree program but need to complete additional course work for acceptance into that degree program. Credits earned under Non–Degree status are valid for six years before entering a degree program. Additional work may be required after that period. Admission as a Non–Degree Credit student does not guarantee future admission into a degree program. A Non–Degree Credit student may audit any classes.

Visiting Students

Visiting Student status may be granted to anyone who is currently a student enrolled at another accredited institution and who wishes to take courses for credit from SES for the purpose of transferring such courses to that institution. A student requesting Visiting Student status must submit a Visiting Student Application. The Visiting Student Application does not require references or transcripts. A Visiting Student may take courses for credit or audit. It is up to the student to ascertain whether courses will transfer to the desired seminary by contacting that seminary.

Continuing Education Students

Continuing Education status may be granted to:

  1. Students who desire to earn Continuing Education Units related to various certifications or licensing
  2. Students that desire to take classes for CEU credit, non–degree credit or audit

SES grants Continuing Education Units (CEU) to qualifying students in the areas of Biblical and Educational studies for participation in certain courses and conferences (see Registrar for a list). Students desiring CEUs must apply by completing a Continuing Education Application provide their legal name and be approved by the Director of Admissions. A CEU certificate will be granted based on participation and attendance in courses or conferences based on clock hours. Students desiring CEUs for attendance at various conferences must be registered as a CEU student prior to the conference or at the conference to have CEU credit issued. Students must also verify their attendance at the conference by signing in at the SES conference registration desk. An admission to CEU status does not guarantee future admissions to a degree program and CEU credit cannot count towards completion of a degree program. CEU transcripts and/or certificates are issued by the Registrar after the completion of the course or conference only for individuals who have followed the above procedures for admissions and registration prior to course or conference attendance. Students with CEU status may also take up to three (3) courses for credit or audit any classes.

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