Bernard James Mauser

Bernard James Mauser
Bernard became a Christian in 1999 after trying to refute Christianity. Upon finding out Christianity is true, I went on for my first Masters at Southern Evangelical Seminary (in Christian Apologetics) and completed my second Masters and Ph.D. (in Philosophy) at Marquette University.
In addition to being adjunct faculty at SES, I’ve taught at Marquette University, San Diego Christian College, Liberty University, Bethlehem Bible College and Seminary, Cardinal Stritch University, and at North Central University. I helped to launch several great books programs at different universities and now serve as an administrator and instructor at Westside Christian Academy in Westlake, OH.
My passion is not limited to defending the Christian faith, but includes how Christianity should affect public policy. In addition to my work at various conservative think-tanks, I’ve been a funded scholar for the Acton Institute for several years. As part of my focus for Acton, I’ve explored and taught on the relationship between philosophy, politics, and economics from a Christian worldview. In particular, my current work includes developing a synthesis between Thomism and various aspects of Austrian economics and exploring how this should impact public policy.
My professional publications are in the areas of natural law ethics, religious pluralism, and Biblical hermeneutics.


  • Ph.D., Philosophy, Marquette University
  • M.A.,  Philosophy, Marquette University
  • M.A., Christian Apologetics, Southern Evangelical Seminary
  • B.S.,  Youngstown State University


  • My ministry experience includes being a Youth Pastor at several Baptist churches since becoming a Christian and being head of our high school chapter of Ratio Christi. I have been married to Amber since 2003. I also teach swing dancing, self-defense, and enjoy exercising with my wife Amber and 5 children.