For-Credit Certificates

SES offers for-credit Graduate and Undergraduate Certificates in a variety of areas of study.

Each certificate is designed to prepare professionals or laypersons with uniquely integrated training in theology, philosophy, and apologetics to build a complete and systematic Christian world view. Certificate students are enrolled in actual for-credit courses and may apply their credits towards a future SES degree.

NOTE ABOUT CONCENTRATIONS: Graduate students (excluding M.A.R. and M.A.C.A.) may add certificate courses as concentrations to their major (see catalog for details).

Uniquely Integrated Approach to Christian Thinking

Accredited, Academic, & Practical

Digital Campus

Upon completion of a certificate, students are invited to participate in the SES commencement ceremony as a certificate program graduate. Certificates are ideal for those preparing for Speaking/Teaching, Campus Ministry, Youth Ministry, Missions Work, Pastoral Ministry, or Personal Edification. SES currently offers the following certificates:

Christian Apologetics / 15 hrs

Uses a systematic approach built upon solid arguments and reasons to provide a firm foundation for the Christian faith
Apologetics – 9 hours
AP501 (401) Introduction to Christian Apologetics (3)
AP511 (411) Christian Apologetics Systems (3)
AP Elective (3)
Systematic Theology – 3 hours
ST502 Theology Proper & Creation (3)
(ST302 Survey of Bible Doctrine)
Philosophy – 3 hours
PH601 Philosophy of Religion (3)
(AP/PH 400 Elective)

Scientific Apologetics / 18 hrs

Designed for those interested in learning from some of the top Christian scientists in the country how to defend the faith from a scientific standpoint
Apologetics & Philosophy – 6 hours
AP501 (401) Introduction to Christian Apologetics (3)
PH 512 (412) History & Philosophy of Science (3)
Science – 9 hours
SC501 (401) Evolutionary Biology & Intelligent Design (3)
SC502 (402) Physics & Astronomy (3)
SC503 (403) Chemistry & Molecular Biology (3)
Systematic Theology – 3 hours
ST564 (464) The Bible & Creation Models (3)

Global Engagement / 18 hrs

Equipping those in ministry at any level to be interculturally competent and adaptable to the universal impact of globalization and demographic change
Apologetics – 3 hours
AP501 (401) Introduction to Christian Apologetics (3)
Missions & Evangelism – 9 hours
ME507 (407) History of Missions & World Christianity (3)
ME508 (408) Biblical Theology & Principles of Missions (3)
ME510 (410) Culture & Worldview (3)
Elective – 3 hours
RE/ME Elective (3)
Systematic Theology – 3 hours
ST502 Theology Proper & Creation (3)
(ST302 Survey of Bible Doctrine)

Islamic Studies / 18 hrs

For pastors, teachers, missionaries, or lay persons preparing for evangelistic ministry to Muslims around the world
Apologetics – 6 hours
AP501 (401) Introduction to Christian Apologetics (3)
AP516 (416) Christian Apologetics to Islam (3)
Religious studies – 6 hours
RE512 (412) History of Islam (3)
RE513 (413) Qur’an (3)
Systematic Theology – 3 hours
ST502 Theology Proper & Creation (3)
(ST302 Survey of Bible Doctrine)
Other Languages – 3 hours (Optional)
AB501 (401) Classical Arabic 1 (3)

Philosophy / 15 hrs

Prepares students to understand the nature of reality that forms the structure of a good apologetic
Philosophy – 12 hours
PH601 (AP401) Philosophy of Religion (3)
PH604 (PH301) Metaphysics (3)
PH605 (PH302) Epistemology (3)
PH Elective (3)
Systematic Theology – 3 hours
ST502 Theology Proper & Creation (3)
(ST302 Survey of Bible Doctrine)

Philosophy, Politics, & Economics / 15 hrs

Providing training in the ethical, political, and economic implications of the unchanging Faith “once delivered to the saints” (Jude 3)
PPE – 15 hours
PPE501 (401) Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (3)
PPE502 (402) Political Philosophy (3)
PPE503 (403) Public Policy & Political Economy (3)
PPE504 (404) Christian Ethics & Public Policy (3)
PPE505 (405) Jurisprudence (3)

Biblical Languages / 18 hrs

For those desiring a knowledge of the original languages of the Bible in order to better understand the correct meaning and application of the biblical text
Apologetics – 3 hours
AP501 (401) Introduction to Christian Apologetics (3)
Biblical Languages – 15 hours
GK501 (401) Greek Grammar 1 (3)
GK502 (402) Greek Grammar 2 (3)
HB501 (401) Biblical Hebrew 1 (3)
HB502 (402) Biblical Hebrew 2 (3)
GK503 (403) Greek Syntax & Exegesis (3) or
HB503 (403) Hebrew Syntax & Exegesis (3)

Flexible Course Delivery

SES provides a fully immersive digital campus experience where every aspect of traditional education is achieved in a virtual environment by integrating industry-leading technologies for live-streaming, course management, and student interaction. Hence, every degree and certificate offered by SES can be completed via our digital campus (the D.Min. program does have limited on-campus requirements). Courses are either live-streamed or offered in a true asynchronous online format (with live-streaming components). Even live-streamed classes are posted back to our course management platform for on-demand viewing. This format enables us to accommodate even the most demanding of schedules. Our digital campus experience allows you to get a first-class education while remaining in your current ministry context.

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