Audit Options

Auditing courses is a great option for those wanting great information and a taste of the classroom experience.

Audit status may be granted to:

  1. Students who do not meet the academic requirements for regular admission into a degree program
  2. Students who are qualified for a degree program, but do not desire to enter a degree program or attend courses for credit

Audit students may attend class lectures but are not permitted to participate in class discussions, ask questions, or submit assignments for grading (except under special circumstances and at the professor’s discretion). Unless the professor stipulates that Audit participation is allowed in his class, it is understood that the restriction for Audit students on class discussions, questions, or assignments will prevail.

Anyone requesting Audit Student status must submit an Audit Student Application. The Audit Student Application does not require references or transcripts. An Audit Student may attend any course for which he is registered as an auditor upon the payment of the audit fee for each course. Audit courses are $50 p/credit hour ($150 p/course) plus nominal associated fees.

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