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Are you equipped to help others think well about the true and the good?

Whether you are preparing for a career at a Christian high school, Bible college, Christian graduate school, or seminary, it is imperative that you are able to think well across a variety of subjects and disciplines. The best teachers are prepared to help their students strategically navigate the myriad of ideas they will encounter. Having training that integrates theology, philosophy, and apologetics will greatly impact your ability to connect the dots between ideas and help others think well about the various academic subjects they will learn. SES provides that integrated training that will enable you to equip your students to proclaim the Gospel, engage the culture, and defend the Truth.

Uniquely Integrated Approach to Christian Thinking

Accredited, Academic, & Practical

Digital Campus

Flexible Course Delivery

SES provides a fully immersive digital campus experience where every aspect of traditional education is achieved in a virtual environment by integrating industry-leading technologies for live-streaming, course management, and student interaction. Hence, every degree and certificate offered by SES can be completed via our digital campus (the D.Min. program does have limited on-campus requirements). Courses are either live-streamed or offered in a true asynchronous online format (with live-streaming components). Even live-streamed classes are posted back to our course management platform for on-demand viewing. This format enables us to accommodate even the most demanding of schedules. Our digital campus experience allows you to get a first-class education while remaining in your current ministry context.

Recommended Degrees & Certificates

Whether you are interested in a full degree program or simply want to add to your toolkit, SES can help you be equipped. Nearly all degrees can be completed totally online. Note that our certificates are for-credit classes that can be rolled into a degree program at a later date if desired.

Master of Arts in Philosophy (M.A.) / 42 hrs / 2 Years

Master of Arts in Apologetics (M.A.) / 60 hrs / 2 Years

Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (M.A.) / 63 hrs / 2 Years

Master of Divinity in Apologetics (M.Div.) / 90 hrs / 3 Years

Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies (M.Div.) / 90 hrs / 3 Years

Doctor of Ministry in Apologetics (D.Min.) / 36 hrs / 3 Years

Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy of Religion (Ph.D.) / 60 hrs / 3-4 Years

Certificate in Christian Apologetics / 15 hrs

Certificate in Philosophy / 15 hrs

Certificate in Islamic Studies / 18 hrs

Certificate in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE) / 15 hrs

Value Beyond Tuition Cost

It is certainly true that in many contexts you get what you pay for. At SES, however, the value of your education will far outweigh the actual costs you pay. Many Christian institutions can cost nearly $2,000 per course for a typical master’s-level education. We provide even more value by offering a unique, and superior, integrated approach to classical Christian thinking at a fraction of the cost. Prices are per credit hour. Approx. $175 of fees may apply.









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