Hold Fast: Facing Challenges to the Faith from Outside & Inside the Church

This training is designed to equip K-Adult Sunday School teachers, discipleship leaders, and deacons/elders with basic apologetics (to face challenges from outside the church) and basic philosophical and theological thinking (to face challenges from inside the church) in accordance with Acts 20:28-30 and Titus 1:9. After this seminar attendees should have a working knowledge of apologetics, see the importance of having a correct philosophy, and understand how to think well about a proper view of God and a proper understanding of the Scriptures. Recommended resources will be listed so leaders can continue to pursue equipping themselves. The exact topic and session choices may vary slightly depending on T.E.A.M. member availability. The following is simply a recommended event breakdown. The precise hourly schedule can be determined based on your specific needs.

Main Sessions

  • Challenges from Outside the Church: Interactive Atheist Role-Play
  • Truth, God, the Bible, and the Resurrection
  • Challenges from Inside the Church: Examples within Evangelicalism
  • How Theology Needs Philosophy
  • What Does This Verse Mean to You? Objectivity in Biblical Interpretation
  • Are There Errors in the Bible? The Concept of Truth in the Inerrancy Debate
  • Open Q&A

Alternative Focus

  • We can also customize an event to address the topics of gender and sexuality from both a philosophical and biblical perspective

What We Provide

In addition to providing speakers and training, we can provide personalized graphics including an event website complete with ticketing or RSVP solutions, PowerPoint announcement slides, banners, and the following promo video customized with your event information: