What is TEAM?

TEAM is a ministry of Southern Evangelical Seminary and stands for Truth, Evangelism, & Apologetics Mission.

According to 1 Peter 3:15, God has called every believer to be ready to give answers to those who ask for reasons. As such, TEAM's mission is to address the theological and intellectual crisis facing the culture today, through teaching and training that demonstrates the integrity of Christian faith.

All students, whatever the capacity, are encouraged to become a part of TEAM. Not only do TEAM Speakers consist of students, but the faculty and alumni of Southern Evangelical Seminary are included as well. Working together, TEAM speakers are a group of men and women who have been trained in the philosophical, theological, and cultural issues at the forefront of Christian thought today.

TEAM's ultimate goal is to impact the academic arena, the Christian church, and the culture by giving reasons for the truthfulness of Christian faith.

For more information about TEAM, contact the Seminary's Director of Missions, Simon Brace at 704-847-5600 ext. 235 or sbrace@ses.edu.


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