TEAM in North America

TEAM has been involved in both local and national events on a number of levels- from providing speakers for the largest Apologetics conference in the U.S. (National Conference on Christian Apologetics) all the way to meetings in local coffee shops with individuals who have sincere questions about Christian faith.

The scope of TEAM's work in North America includes, but certainly isn't limited to:

  • academic debates
  • church conferences
  • women's events
  • youth events
  • university and college lectures
  • outreach

No matter the size of the event, TEAM can help you.

To find out about past TEAM events or to contact TEAM for your upcoming event, we invite you to contact the Director of Missions, Simon Brace, at 704-847-5600 ext. 235 ( or Dianna Newman at 704-847-5600 ext. 203 (