Prem Isaac

TEAM Member

Prem Isaac holds an undergraduate degree with a double major in Physics and Computer Science, and an M.A. in Philosophy from Southern Evangelical Seminary.

Despite a Christian upbringing, Prem became an evolutionist and an agnostic in his pre-teen years when his interest in science led him to ask questions that his church could not answer. After obtaining answers to his question, Prem came back to the Lord In 1989, and since then has taught New Testament and Apologetics at churches and colleges, both nationally and internationally.

Prem's Speaking Topics Include:

Introduction to Apologetics
Scientific Arguments for God's Existence
Historical Reliability of the New Testament
Philosophical Errors in Modern Physics
Exposing Scientism
Hinduism and Christianity
12 Points to Show That Christianity is True

Prem currently resides in Charlotte with his wife Annie, and his two children.