Dave Sterrett

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Dave Sterrett

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Dave Sterrett graduated with honors from Southern Evangelical Seminary with a M.A. in Apologetics and is finishing his M.A. in Philosophy at the University of Dallas.

Currently, Dave teaches philosophy, theology and liberal arts at San Diego Christian's honor program, Rivendell Sanctuary in Minnesota.The author/co-author of six books, including the Christian best-seller, "I Am Second" (Thomas Nelson, 2012), and "Why Trust Jesus?" (Moody, 2010), Dave has loved and ministered to hundreds of youth leaders in Africa, orphans in Russia and hopeless young women walking into abortion clinics in America.

Dave has taught, equipped and preached through evangelistic organizations including I Am Second, Liberty University, Josh McDowell Ministry, and Prestonwood Christian Academy.

He also serves on the national board for the pro-life organization, 40 Days for Life.

Dave's Speaking Topics Include:

Defending Human Life:  Responding to the Fatal Fallacies of Pro-Abortion Scholars

Wishful Thinking: Responding to the New Pantheism of Yoga, Oprah, Choprah

Why Trust Jesus? When there are so many other Spiritual Paths?

Defending the Resurrection

Practical Apologetical Evangelism: How to Effectively Communicate Apologetics to Friends.