Daniel Janosik

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Daniel Janosik

TEAM Member, Faculty

Dr. Daniel Janosik holds an A.B. from the College of William and Mary, an M.Div. from Columbia international University, an M.A. in Muslim Studies from Columbia Internationa University, and a Ph.D in Historical Theology and Islamic Studies from the London School of Theology.

Daniel's interests in academics ranges from Science Apologetics to Apologetics to Islam to Church History and Historical Theology. Daniel is the Director of Islamic Studies and Director of Online Studies at Southern Evangelical Seminary.

Daniel's Speaking Topics Include:

Coffeeshop Apologetics: The principles from 1 Peter 3:15

Fossil Man: Did we come from Apes?

Creation vs Evolution

Explaining the Trinity to a Muslim

John of Damascus: First Apologist to Islam

Exposing Myths of Early Islam

The Challenge of Islam

Chrislam: Heresy, Hinderance or Help

The Quest for the Historical Muhammad

Mormonism: The Modern Day Islam

Origin of Religion

Apologetics of the Resurrection



Daniel currently resides in South Carolina with his wife.